Lucia Zhang 张予菡 writer, florist, philosopher

Hi, Lucia (Lu-SEE-ya) here. It’s a pleasure to have you.

My first job was a newspaper delivery girl I held from age 8 to 12. My favourite job was a floral designer for Hermès, Tiffany & Co., Prada, Van Cleef and Arpels, and IWC Schaffhausen. Somewhere in between, I helped Nordstrom’s #1 stylist hit her $8 million annual sales goal, reported on congressional hearings in D.C. for the Canadian embassy (and had the secret service help me escape a slumlord), and onboarded fintech companies for British students to intern at in Shanghai. All of this before I was of legal drinking age. Whew.

Currently I write and ideate for Mattress Firm and NIVEA at Publicis Toronto. 

Some fun facts in numbers

Max books read in a year: 30
Max hours meditated in 10 days: 100
Number of passport stamps: 35 give or take
Cities lived in: 5
Languages spoken: 3
Pink Floyd records owned: 9
Kurt Vonnegut novels read: 8 (The Sirens of Titan is my favourite)
Spotify playlists created: 306 and counting 

Send me an email, shoot me a text, or give me a call. Let’s chat about how I can make your life easier. Or at least correct some of your grammar. 

+1 6472168551